Communication challenge

Allerød Fire and Rescue Service are about to launch a new purpose-built Incident Command vehicle in addition to its fleet, marking significant improvements in the delivery of Incident Command services to manage major live incidents in and around Allerød Municipality, which current is serving approximately 24,000 citizen. Rising to the challenge, Incendium won the bid to deliver a complete, integrated streaming, documentation and incident sharing solution, to the Fire and Rescue Service. Bringing Allerød Fire and Rescue Services vision to life demanded a holistic documentation and incident sharing solution to support operational commanders, in making what are sometimes very difficult decisions, in challenging and dynamic circumstances.

In doing so Allerød Fire and Rescue Service has become the first fire and rescue service in Northern Sealand to start using live streaming and Incident sharing to support live incidents.

Designed with future in mind

The new North Sealand Fire and Rescue Service which becomes reality in 2015 and will consist of the communes Allerød, Hørsholm, Rudersdal, Helsingør and Fredensborg will also benefit from the new Command vehicle and because of the larger coverage the need for a clear communication is vital. Incendium designed a highly robust streaming solution to meet the diverse needs of these partners and their employees who will be working together under one roof for the first time. As well as accommodating the different working practices of many employees, the specification had to maximise both scalability and the flexibility to enable multi-functional use.

Our solution

Incendium delivered a streaming and incident sharing solution taking an end-to-end holistic approach from live view video gathering, risk assessment and sharing, and training and learning purpose. This hybrid system was specified with a mix of digital IP equipment to support the multi-purpose nature of the streaming. The dedicated streaming solution combines high levels of flexibility, resilience and reliability with ease of operator use. The new streaming infrastructure makes it easy for operators to control multiple integrated functions across the entire complex from a single interface, including:

  • 360 PTZ camera
  • Automatically start recording when “blue lights” turned on.
  • remote control of vehicle camera
  • Incident sharing
  • Sharing to multiple users across the complex.

This vehicle provide the most advanced Command Streaming Capability deployed anywhere in the fire service. It will play a key part in ensuring that the Fire and Rescue Services are able to meet their statutory duty under and to maintain operational functionality regardless of circumstances.

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