Aggregation Unit™


Aggregation Unit™ is a high efficiency internet connection unit that combines internet from several networks into one strong connection. The Aggregation Unit is typically vehicle mounted.

The unit is perfect for the professional user who is looking for a very resilient and robust connection to the internet on site in the field. It will give you higher bandwidth which can be used for superior video streaming, seamless failover and improved data connection for large file transfers or heavy online GIS applications. Moreover, it features an automatic protection mechanism that makes sure you will be online even if one is erratic or completely disconnects.

This unit comes without integrated LTE modems but fits seamlessly with the Uplink Unit and combines a number of connections into one strong connection.


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The technology behind the Aggregation Unit’ connection is called Channel Bonding. We combine multiple Internet connections – Wi-Fi, cellular, ethernet, etc. – to provide increased bandwidth, lower latency, and better reliability.

The Aggregation Unit adds a layer of software between the Incendium UpLink Units two-sim networking stack and the end user’s applications on their pc, tablet or smartphone connected at the vehicles wifi. The Aggregation Unit’s proprietary link solution makes numerous sockets across all available Internet connections (you can stack more UpLink Units together if you need to bond more than two sim cards) transferring data in parallel across all of them for increased speed and reliability.

The Aggregations Unit delivers:

  • Channel Bonding (aggregation)
  • Dead hotspot protection
  • Near-zero battery impact
  • Seamless failover
  • Cost awareness
  • Hardware-accelerated encryption


The Aggregation Unit is a revolutionary channel bonding VPN hardware unit that combines Wi-Fi and Cellular (and more!) to create a faster, more reliable, and secure connection.

Better Streaming

Stream or broadcast live video while on the move without throttling, errors, or constant buffering.

Reduce latency
Improve latency and reduce lag for faster and more reliable performance when viewing a live stream.

Priority Rules
Set custom priority rules for each of your Internet connections and monitor usage with the Aggregation Unit.

Broad Coverage
Our server network is spread across 28 countries, ensuring the best connection based on latency and availability.


The Aggregation Unit’s engine is faster and more secure than any other VPN or link aggregation option. The Aggregation Unit uses:

  • DTLS Encryption (per connection)
  • Three different modes: Speed, Reliability, and Redundancy
  • Policy-Based Routing: Cheaper Wi-Fi can be prioritized over expensive cellular
  • Detailed network statistics
  • Dual stack IPv4 & IPv6

The Aggregation Unit uses a ChaCha- or AES-based encryption algorithm, depending on device support. Not even the most experienced hackers could snoop on the traffic going through our VPN servers.

Peace of Mind
Keep your data safe from hackers, snoops and other cyber criminals.

3X Performance
Our ChaCha encryption consistency delivers 3 times the speeds of other VPNs.


Providing an Overall View of the Scene

First responders today needs to face the daily threats by showing measured, thoughtful and intelligent responses in order to maintain order and prevent crime and not least to keep themselves, their colleagues and the city safe. 

By implementing an Incendium in-vehicle network solution, first responders can make use of aggregated mobile connections and stream multiple cameras enabling them to speed up the decision making in stressful situations, by applying a common situational awareness. 

All products are designed to be operated by first responders and has even been build and modified to constantly support the demanding  in-field requirements during critical situations.

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