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About Incendium

Incendium offers an innovative range of technologies and services to solve communication problems across Fire Fighting, Emergency Management and Law enforcement/Security and other markets.

Incendium has market leading positions in video and data communications from Emergency response vehicles; in Airport rescue, Fire Brigades, EMS, Police and other Emergency Management Agencies.

Though the most important thing Incendium builds is trust.


Innovation with insight

Incendium has a passion of develop advanced technologies which can interact in remote and hostile environments. Incendium products and solutions have earned an enviable reputation for robust and rugged solutions, often in extreme environments.


Incendiums’s vision

is to be the prefered partner for streaming technologies in Fire Fighting, Emergency Managenment and Law Enforcement.

Incendium means: a fire, inferno, conflagration; heat; torch in Latin and covers exactly what our customers deals with everyday. Decision making in situations where there are no second chance. We can therefore provide our customers with a crucial documentation solution providing decisions makers with real time coverage of an incident. We call that  “Documentation at eye level”.


Incendium’s streaming platform responds to challenges in modern healthcare sectors by ensuring the delivery of affordable quality healthcare.

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Intelligence & National Security

Police, Special Forces, Anti-Terror Units and intelligence services in rapid response use our services for documentation and surveillance.

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Public Sector

Fire Fighting, Instititutions, United Nations are among some of the customers Incendium delivers an 24/7 service to.

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Maritime Industry

Incendium provides customized network solutions for large Ferry and RO/RO ship companies throughout Europe.


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