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Incendium Stream Pack supports Fire Brigades, Police and Intelligence units in their desire to adopt an easy approach live video from any camera source needed and where mobile cellular network is possible. It even integrates UAV/UAS/Drone digital or analogue downlink and re-stream the video through the Incendium 3G/4G/LTE router(s) to the Command Central. Our secure Live Stream can be monitored by multiple resources real-time on our IncidentShare platform.

The Stream Pack solution bonds up to 5 cellular (3G/4G – LTE), WiFi, LAN (fiber) or even satellite connections using multiple carriers to create a reliable, broadband video uplink but comes also in a less expensive single or dual (load balancing) solution.

This section provides a quick overview of the Stream Pack technology offering, including its main features and corresponding product line:

Incendium Stream Pack 1

Bonding of up to five Built-in 4G LTE modules for Uplink

Comes in three versions (Standard, Dual, Bonding)

Support for Built-in 2,4Ghz UAS / Drone downlink

DJI Lightbridge or other downlink solutions can be integrated.

Highgrade 3G/4G/ LTE antennas

MIMO 700-2400 Mhz

One button start/stop

Integrated small secondary battery for hot swap of main battery

Lightweigth Waterproof & Crushproof

PeliCan Pack with ergonomic aluminum S-curved spine along the back of the pack for comfortable shoulder and lumbar support.

Operational within 120 seconds

start up time from the power on of the pack

Incendium’s portable uplink technology is applied for various security solutions, each tailored to address a specific operational need. An overview of Incendium’s main security applications is provided as follows:

  • Insurance investigation – Insurance investigation teams, who needs to document during and after an incident occurs.
  • Tactical Deployment – Tactical units for ad-hoc video surveillance coverage, like mobile CCTV, OBS teams during riots or demonstrations or SWAT team operations.
  • Vehicle Deployment – Mobile deployment for various vehicles such as police cars, ambulances, or public transportation vehicles. Typically includes a IP, HD-SDI, HDMI or analogue vehicle-mounted camera.
  • UAV, UAS, DRONE – With the built in option for e.g. a DJI Lightbridge ground control (or other UAV ground stations), the Stream Pack is able to recieve video from an airborne UAS and re-stream the video to a command central for a situational overview.
  • Video Reporter/Journalist – video journalists looking for a compact and affordable way to send video back to the news desk or station newsroom directly from an incident.

Our easy to use Stream Pack gives a whole new mode of communication between responders from an incident and their command centers. Mobile video surveillance with real-time uplink and sharing capabilities enables Government Agencies, law enforcement, homeland security, fire fighting, Helicopter Services,  safety and emergency health services with high quality from any incident.

Incendium StreamPack offers an unmatched solution for real-time transmission of high-definition video. Our technology is second-to-none in terms of quality, reliability, usability and more. This section provides a short overview of our technological and operational value proposition.

Our technology is designed for the most rigid security environment. As such it includes all the features you’d expect from security-market oriented equipment, including AES encryption and more.


Optimized Bonded video transmission, real-time TV quality video

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Works with highest quality cameras, zooms, day, night and thermal

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Connects via analog, HDMI, HD-SDI or a variety of IP cameras

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Price table

  • Bonding

  • €10.467/ Per Stream Pack

  • 5 pcs LTE bonding routers + . - ethernet uplink (e.g. Satellite or ADSL) - fiber uplink - remote management
  • Request Information

Command communications solutions from Incendium support fire and rescue commanders by delivering unparalleled situational awareness across incident grounds using the latest innovations in satellite or GSM broadband and wireless data, video, voice and remote access technologies.

High bandwidth satellite or GSM access provides resilient access to command communications regardless of the state of other communications networks – essential during large incidents.

A clear, dynamically updated Common Operational Picture, delivered by wireless data, video & voice enables emergency commanders to assess threats and actions in individual sectors and to deploy personnel, vehicles and other resources in the most efficient manner possible.

Our range of rapidly deployable camera’s provide commanders with unique high vantage point wireless video of sectors within an incident, giving access to previously inaccessible areas. Greater on-the-spot visual awareness means better risk assessment and safer, more effective fire fighting.

Selected Customers we work for:

Danish Emergency Management Agency
københavns brandvæsen
Bergen Fire Brigade


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